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Airport+Me: Hong Kong

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Central, Hong Kong -- "Resfeber (n.): the restless race of the traveler’s heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together."

A fusion of the old and the new; the city has always been in touch with its roots. The digital age can offer the destruction of the old and the construction of the new yet it hasn't always been the case.

You'll be easily flattered by how the ancient puerh boutiques are just beside the futuristic glass structure of Lippo. It's loud and quiet; wild yet refined. You can easily find tranquility in a jam-packed city like Hong Kong. It just depends on where you look.


Being a virgin in travel, I became internally dead when we got to the airport in full fashion (leather boots, stuffy jacket, belt.) You could've imagined my face when I had to remove almost all of it! Our grandma, a certified globetrotter, was giving us directions as fast as she can while we multitask in the security and immigration. I was completely blank and clueless at each checkpoint.

Things were going on our way and I was almost biting my neck pillow while entering the plane!

The grumbling jet engines beneath your feet; I felt like I was the luckiest person on earth which I really am considering my family worked hard just to take us to a trip which is considered a luxury to us. It may not be far from the Philippines, but for a newbie traveler, it felt like you were going to another dimension. We all know that feeling whenever we experience our "first times."

The tingly feeling we get when we're about to venture to the unknown, unusual and unique. It complements the soul like how coffee tickles the senses.

My sister and I were preparing for take off. *insert evil grin* We were over prepared I guess and a whole week of obsession process might not be enough. Before the day of our first flight, we went to buy tons of travel goodies like passport covers, felt envelopes for our itinerary, Berlitz guidebooks, sunnies and whatever we could get our hands into. 

When the pilot announced that we will soar to the skies at 160 mph 260 km/h we were grasping each other's hand in fright lol! The next thing we knew, we were right beside the clouds!


"In 5 minutes we are landing to Hong Kong International Airport.." I was panicking the whole time I felt like my heart went straight to my throat! I wasn't supposed to feel anything since the cabin is pressure controlled but my ears went loco and it felt like hell!

Everything slowed down when I saw the signature spring-green waters of Hong Kong through the windows. Honestly, I can't believe my sister slept throughout the flight while I was wide awake oozing on everything that I saw!

It was a foggy morning on the island --all grays and white. T'was chilly even though it was summer. The airport was the best I've seen (considering this was the only foreign airport I've been to lol) But even up to today, it's still a top choice of mine if I had to choose. Familiar sounds and languages filled the airport. It's as if I never left my country! We were automatically directed to immigration and got a piece of paper instead of a passport stamp. Bummer.

Fresh from the plane, the first instinct for some is to take their phone out and take a quick photo. I chuckled so hard when my sister and I made the arrival area a full pledge backdrop for our photos! Glued to our cameras, we were scolded by our mom since the airport shuttle were already at the gates. After taking the nth shot, we ran towards the exit to catch the shuttle!

Kimberly hotel is situated at Kowloon (upper island of Hong Kong) so we had a shuttle arranged to get us there. While passing through the bridge it just came into my mind how huge the world can be. Interconnectedness and interdependence can be realized in whatever direction you look and I find that thrilling and calming at the same time.

After reaching our hotel and dropping off our luggage, my sister and I dashed through the exit door and walked to whatever direction till we're lost! Cause why not right?

Truly, it was unconventional and forward-looking. As if it was a piece of clothing that made you question the unexplored. I was riveted with the possibilities above possibilities.

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