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Adam's Key | Washington D.C.

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Washington D.C., USA  -- "I will never forget the day when the three of us strolled together down 21st street in Washington D.C. passing by the autumn trees with sunlight trickling through. We were complete and I felt like bursting into tears thinking that we've gotten impossibly far," said Pascual. "And that, for me, was the winning moment."

Welcome to Adam's Key. A collection of random theories, introspection and soul-searching thoughts that eventually led me to places.

When I was at the onsen in Tokyo, I was discussing with my fellow Filipino delegates their extensive scholarships on different parts of the globe. They told me their stories and how they got to France, Italy and the United States to name a few. I was quietly listening only to figure out that it all started from there; the realization that I also have the capacity to go places.

We sometimes feel that we're only "limited" in a sense that we're incapable of chasing our dreams just because we don't have the qualifications to do so or perhaps we just can't.

Our private orbits that restricts our perspective to the world with the things around us. Napoleon Hill explains how it is true that what ever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve. Regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past, or how lofty your hopes may be.

When I found out that we had been chosen to come to the U.S. capital, many hurdles still lay ahead. "Several sleepless nights at the dormitory rooftop while doing research, last minute visa applications…. humiliation from people that we will never make it, empty stomach and pockets, and most of all, the lack of support from the people around us, they thought that we're young and incapable," 
Pascual arrived at the World Bank headquarters  dressed in the full national regalia of the Philippines called Barong Tagalog, made with pineapple leaf fiber. His proposal for a free mobile application geared towards increasing global awareness and inspiring environmentally friendly actions through gamification won "audience favorite." - World Bank Group

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