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Tokyo, Japan -- "Tokyo is vibrantly white; a city of paradox in itself."

Welcome to Adam's Key. A collection of random theories, introspection and soul-searching thoughts that eventually led me to places.

Repetition; why did I saw repetitive dreams? Little by little I knew I was in for trouble. It was an unnerving experience to receive a call that will validate all your hallucinations that ran three times in a row. I was obsessive. I knew I had to had to feel the gravity during take-off and the subtle mist whenever you talk.

I'm finally here. 


I never thought that I had to book a flight to Tokyo at the very first year of my travel. I remember when I was a kid, I was bullied at the classroom since I posted a photoshopped picture of me at a random ramen shop in Japan. I don't know why but I took a screenshot at a random place in Tokyo via Google Earth then took my photoshop skills to the limit then posted it to Facebook. I was so amused with the kind of quality I've produced (but at the end of the day it was still VERY obvious)

Now you understand why my classmates laughed at me, but there's something about Japan that's very special. Other than the usual connections we produce while watching animes, reading manga or even listening to jpop, the ability of the Japanese to connect to you through non-living objects, I would say, is exponential.

I could still vividly remember what I said in Sendai Higashi High Scool.

While most people would want to travel and experience the Japanese culture, I look forward to something more than that. I crave to explore the core essence of Japan; to delve in and see firsthand how Japanese people see, think, interact or even breathe.

"A country is a mere social contract." We have these overall quality of life due to the collective ends of each person. The Philippines is what it is because of the people; the Filipino people. In the same manner, Japan is what it is because of the Japanese people.

I seek to obtain answers on why I live in a country ingrained with challenges that have been solved by the Japanese in their country decades ago. I expect to discover the correlation of tradition, institutions, peculiar customs, beliefs, sense of time, eating habits, cleanliness and discipline with the success of the country. Fortunately, JENESYS made me do that.

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