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Adam's Key | Azerbaijan

11:17:00 AMUnknown

Baku, Azerbaijan -- "The melting pot of the east and west known as the "land of fire", Azerbaijan continues to awe the world with its new identity from the Soviet past."

Welcome to Adam's Key. A collection of random theories, introspection and soul-searching thoughts that eventually led me to places.

Iridescence; I saw an iridescent purple sheen across my dreams. It must've been my curiosity that lurked into my subconscious mind. "Where should I go" I constantly asked. It has been three months. Three months of wandering and three months of unstirring reflexes.

Perplexed, I saw myself dreaming of papaqs and intricate silks. The feeling was warm, clasped and rhythmic in nature. It was the Azeri spirit that invites its next guest. Then I woke up.

I had to go.

Azerbaijan, the land of fire, seemingly invited us whilst in our celestial form. Apparently, there's a feast with the revered Nizami Ganjavi, the national poet. We are bound for great things, the calling is inevitable.

The moment I stepped into damp Baku, I saw two Azeri women just like in my dream. I smiled. The moment you receive a letter in the subconscious realm. You should pack and uncover.

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