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Airport+Me: Seoul

12:30:00 AMUnknown

Manila, Philippines -- Grabbed a cup of coffee for another red-eye flight. I went straight to the shower, packed my bags and took a taxi. 

I was a bit early at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 4. I had to wait for an extra hour since Ivan was surely taking his time. (lol) I actually thought that he was still sleeping! 

After an hour, people flooded the counters. I don't know why but I went ahead and called Ivan. Long story short, we were finally at the departure gates after an hour in the queue. Phew! 

"Mabuhay mula sa Air Asia." 

We're finally preparing for take-off. I could vividly remember that I was doing my midterm essay for Sir Varona's class (International Political Economy) while my head's shaking at the plane due to the turbulence. Why? Let's just say he is "Sir Varona" and thou shall not miss the UBC (University of British Columbia) Alumnus' deadlines. 

Plane just landed and we're finally in South Korea! I can't believe how fast things went. Maybe because I was loving my paperworks too much. 

I felt the Korean breeze and frankly, it was quite... hot? I was just wearing a tee yet I'm sweating like bananas! (Wait, bananas don't sweat right?) Perhaps I'm in Manila with a cooler attached to my body. 

When you're in a foreign country it's nice to take a lot of photos right? Unfortunately, Mr. Grumpy Pants was not in the mood for it. Other than having not much sleep, he urged that we were running late. I always had that "touchdown rituals" whenever I land on any country. Things got quite moody and I lost it. 

Annoyed, I hurriedly went to the elevator and wasn't hearing a thing from Ivan. He called me but again, I wasn't hearing a thing. I went atleast a kilometer at the airport without looking back. Until I slowly realized something, well, bad. 

I was lost. I waited for a few minutes but he's just not there. I went back to the dome-shaped part of the airport where we last saw each other 10 minutes ago. I called through facebook, messenger and was so frustrated since we're actually separated in a foreign country without any freaking form of communication! 

After 25 minutes of panicking, he suddenly showed up. "Where were you" I asked. "Money changer" he said. 

My head were full of black thoughts and I was about to blow up until I turned away and went ahead. 

I saw the beautiful and the most puurrrfect backdrop for my "touchdown rituals". Then I thought,  nevermind. I honestly hated the fact that my first hour in Korea went like this. So I had to do something. Well, we're stuck to each other for two weeks so maybe saying "sorry" is not a bad idea right? 

Me: Sorry
Ivan: Look, sorry too.
Me: now take my picture

The end. 

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