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JENESYS: Through the lenses in Miyagi

11:20:00 AMUnknown

Miyagi, Japan -- "Sendai; through the lenses of my friend Syahir from Malaysia."

Through the Shinkansen (bullet train), we've reached our destination at 12:30. As soon as we stepped into Miyagi prefecture's largest city, Sendai, we felt the towering difference in aura compared to Tokyo. Japan's capital might have millions of people compared to Sendai, but one thing's for sure: Miyagi speaks to you on a calm and personal level. There's something about the soothing yet vibrant color of emotions.

Through the lenses is a collection of photos bounded by a paradox of simple visuals that bear intricate web of memories and stories. All photos are owned by Syahir Haziq. All rights reserved.

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