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Journey at the Bank

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Washington D.C., USA -- How did I end up in here? I ask the same question. Well, it started at a random day while browsing through my phone. I stumble upon a Facebook post and the next thing I knew is that I grabbed my other phone and went outside to the living room. I called both of my friends (screaming) then immediately told them that "we're going to Washington!" The rest was history.

The World Bank Group Youth Summit 2015 competition invites the brightest young minds from around the world to use their knowledge and creativity to crowdsource solutions for climate change that contribute to growth and development in developing and emerging countries.

Over the years, motivated young professionals from around the world have proven that they can create innovative solutions to help solve the world’s complex challenges. Therefore, the goal of this competition is to motivate youth to work and design the most promising and dynamic proposals to mainstream climate change while achieving development objectives. In addition, the competition aims to inspire a global dialogue on innovative ways to address the reality of climate change.

Participants shall submit proposals that answer the following challenge: “Innovative ideas on how to mainstream climate change and achieve development needs in a specific WBG client country.” Participants must submit proposals that provide business or policy level ideas or a combination of both.

The competition is open to individuals or teams of 2-5 people aged 18 to 35. Participant’s ages will be determined as of 11.59 pm EST on November 17, 2015.

There is a maximum limit of five members for any team. Each team member must be of the age appropriate to the team’s age group, 18 to 35 years old, on November 17, 2015. However, due to visa requirements team captains are required to be 18 or older on October 3, 2015. Teams and individuals are limited to one entry each.

Youth Summit 2015 competition participants will be asked to certify their age when entering, and the World Bank reserves the right to verify the age of any participant, including potential winners.

The competition is open to nationals of ALL countries of the world. Entries are encouraged from eligible individuals with the drive to innovate regardless of their occupation (working professionals, students, NGO leaders, government officials, start-up creators, technical experts or any other). World Bank Group employees and their families are also allowed to participate. Youth Summit 2015 competition proposals must be created by and owned by the participants.

Youth Summit 2015 competition proposals must be between 2,000-3,000 words in length. Entries shorter than 2,000 words or longer than 3,000 words will not be accepted. The proposals must be submitted in English. Financial plans or implementation costs detailed in tables can be submitted as images. No other text should be submitted as an image. (World Bank Group Youth Summit 2015 Competition Rules and Regulations)

I'll never forget how we efficiently created the research proposal for three days! It was surreal. After submitting the required deliverables, we turned to God and had our fingers crossed.

Midterm exams are approaching. We didn't have time to check our e-mails or what not. (unfinished)

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