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Manila, Philippines -- "What else am I bound to do?"

 It is evident that research unlocks doors and can ultimately dictate and influence where a country should head in terms of education, economy, political and socio-cultural conditions and most importantly (in my career), policy-making instruments. The Philippines needs to uplift its administrative workings in the areas of scientific research and must invest heavily on development studies and the restructuring of domestic and foreign policy to influence trade and economic growth. 

The government-funded R&D remains to be an underinvestment. In a paper entitled Improving the Philippine Research and Development Statistical System by Bernie S. Justimbaste, the Philippines used up a total of P 4.5 billion on R&D in 2002, and this figure represents a measly 0.11 % of the country’s 2002 gross domestic product (GDP), a decrease from 0.19 % in 1996 and 0.22 % in 1992. (Justimbaste, Improving the Philippine Research and Development Statistical System, 2004) 

Proof of this underinvestment is the five percent of the total public expenditure for agriculture has been allocated for agriculture research; whereas the ratio of budgetary outlay for price stabilization programs alone was in the range of 10 percent over the past decade (Cororotan, 2003).

As an aspiring Foreign Service officer, I dare to take a big step towards gaining a global insight and uplifting the high standards of the foreign relations of the Philippines to the world. To be able to utilize what I'll grasp and gradually apply these internationally-recognized pedagogy in the creation of a sound relations. 

"I know I could start even though I'm young."

Knowing personally the Ambassadors of the Republic of the Philippines as my professors in the College of International Relations - LPU made me internalize how critical it is to acquire an education tied to its Philippine roots especially in the creation and implementation of an effective foreign policy. Securing the economic and political stability of the region requires precision in decision-making and a high level of background in international affairs.

For a country that trains its people to leave, I stand to make our country "worth the investment" by being an astounding front-liner; culminated through my education in the international stage.

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