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Hong Kong, Hong Kong -- "My first travel was light, vivid and crowded with unfading scenes of discovery"

Welcome to Adam's Key. A collection of random theories, introspection and soul-searching thoughts that eventually led me to places.

I was just a normal kid; expected by many to wonder. I asked God why I wasn't allowed to see the world. He replied, "humble yourselves, so that I may exalt you in due time." I never spoke after that.

Sometimes in life you see yourself wandering in the maze of inequality and left in awe with the concept of "privilege." Yet, great things are bound to yield in due time. My family was generous enough to let me glance through the few things that this world could offer at the age of 19. I was delighted; enlightened. I knew it was only the start.

Yet I felt worrisome, I felt doubtful. Not realizing the things God prepared for me. I think I had the best vacation in my life. Only to find out it was only part 1 out of 5 of His plans.

Looking back, I was that normal kind. Expected by many to wonder. And so I did.

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