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Sabel: a spark of spike

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Manila, Philippines -- I wonder if I have a purpose other than what I originally planned to. A visit at the National Museum of the Philippines was brisk yet distinct. A friend of mine named Jonna dragged us to BenCab's Gallery.

Benedicto Reyes Cabrera — or BenCab, as he is more popularly known is widely hailed as a master of contemporary Philippine art. Remember the saying that goes "this art moved me; creating a perplexing train of thought." (Okay, I made that up)

His art literally gave me a calling to send a message through art. A message that is untranslatable and can only be expressed through strokes, graphite or acrylic paint. "Sabel" clearly spoked to me.

“Sabel”, according to BenCab Museum, is a major subject that recurs through BenCab’s works through the decades, inspired by a real-life scavenger, he photographed and sketched in 1965, the Sabel image has become the artists vehicle for the transmission of intensely emotional moods. When pushed to the limits of abstraction, the Sabel image serves as a fertile ground for the investigation of shape and structure.

There is this dwindling perspective in arts throughout my college life yet I felt I need to grow back to where I "naturally thrive." I want to create an immobile facade that are able to touch souls. I felt the need to. I felt that I had to do it.

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