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A day at Stevens

3:12:00 PMUnknown

Hoboken, USA -- I've finally arrived!

It was 1:00 in the morning. While I was walking to the nearest building, I saw the breathtaking New York skyline across the Hudson river.

Welcome to the Stevens Institute of Technology!

I rushed to the admin hall and asked for the dormitory keys under my name. Unfortunately, the university concierge didn't have the list. I know what you're thinking; as if I hadn't enough bad luck for today. I stayed for almost an hour at the lobby with the officer-in-charge and we weren't able to find the keys or the list anywhere. I searched my mac, contacted almost every organizers at 2:00 in the morning (sorry) and felt that I could just honestly sleep at the lobby couch for the night cause I'm DEAD tired.

The thing is, Officer McCauley just needed to see the list so that he could just escort me to the dormitory hall and get myself some sleep. Catch: I downloaded every single document and guide the ICSB sent me except for the room assignment list and I could've sworn that sometimes, life really wants to play with you. I prayed several times and waited for any reply from the organizers. After hirty minutes, we got a go signal. (God bless your kind soul, human.)

The officer called someone to help me get inside the dormitory. I passed the well-lit hallway with the vivid turquoise doors to room 101. Michael (the other winner at the World Bank Business Competition -- Jury's Choice Award) was already asleep. I was just exhausted and the next thing I did was hit my head at the pillows. While I'm about to fall asleep, I realized that I've downloaded the excel file of the room assignments in my dropbox app. Yes, I shall soon punish myself for my feeble-mindedness.

I slowly lifted my eyelids as the rays of sunshine shone directly to my left eye. It was 6 in the morning; and I've been forever ready for this moment! (At least for all the things that happened to me before I got here) I was ecstatic and I couldn't wait to kick the day with a new breath of positivity! Carpe diem! (to be continued)

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