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Happy Together Farm

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Suwon, South Korea -- Quaint afternoon; T'was our last volunteer work for this year's International Hyundai Work Camp which was spearheaded by the International Workcamp Organization (IWO) in South Korea.

Volunteer work has always been physically and mentally exhausting yet it provides strength in various aspects of human life. Not to mention the fulfillment you get when you do it for the people who needs a hand.

Eight in the morning, we camped out earlier than expected and then headed out to our normal camp work. We arrived at the Happy Together Farm; not knowing the huge challenge ahead of us. We were supposed to bring all the pots to the other greenhouse. There were hundreds of them and we just thought of getting started. We gathered the pots one for each person and placed them at the metal racks. It was difficult but we had some few laughs whenever we passed by our friends.

Halfway through, we took a break and ate our heaven-sent packed lunch + coffee. A kind-hearted farmer told us to go to the flower section and choose one for ourselves! Ivan and I chose two cactuses (or cacti, both are correct) and the rest got colorful flowers.

After a few hours, we realized that work will be faster if we form a line and then just pass it on! We finished after an hour. Everything got better with the spirit of teamwork! I coincidentally felt the true essence of the farm, that you'll be really"happy" by being "together" with friends no matter the physical boundaries. The world is meant to be experienced with one another, and I think that's beautiful.

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