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Lost in New York

8:23:00 AMUnknown

New York, USA -- I finally arrived at the Port Authority Bus Terminal! Good heavens! We rushed to the gates and asked for directions at the counter. I was instructed to go to bus route 126 at Gate 323 (PABT-Hoboken, New Jersey 12PM)

Long story short, we dazzled upon the maze-like gates inside the terminals. I went crazy with the broken escalators (I mean really? I got two huge suitcases y'all!) I had to bring it upstairs and cry ever-so-slightly until we reach the third floor. The NYPD were very kind and they gave us the directions for our specific gates. Up to this point I still don't know why we were running.

When we got the the ticket booth, my friend realized that he'll be staying for a night at the terminal since the next bus will arrive at 8AM the next day. I still have a bus going to Hoboken after an hour. So we shook hands, gave each other's business cards and hope we could connect later in the virtual world! Thank you Jasurbek!

And so I'm alone; everything went slow again. I got to the point where I was going in circles; they just kept giving me the wrong directions! It's almost 12AM and I'm still not at the correct gate. An officer was nearby and I went to her for help. Fortunately, she assisted me with the ticket dispenser and was finally at the waiting area.

While waiting for the bus, I was so lucky to connect to the terminal's wifi. There was definitely no time to spare as I searched for the maps and directions at the terminal's website. When the bus arrived, I got the chills again. I STILL DON'T KNOW WHERE TO GO.

While I knew the location I'm bound to go, a first time visitor wouldn't obviously know where in 9th street Washington Av. would you specifically go. Poor Adam flashing the maps across his face and praying for the best.

Then there's this lady beside me who told me to not use my phone as long as she's there. Just when you thought that you've already had enough confusion, poof! Voila. I'm assuming that she's not allowed with too much light? (I really don't know)

I told her that I was lost and I needed to look at the maps to keep track. She said, "Oh you're lost? Well where are you going my dear?" I said I needed to go to 9th street. "Oh don't you worry!", she exclaimed. "I'll tell you when you need to go down. It's a lovely place! You'll feel the breeze in your face uphill."

While I was already super thankful for being saved from my worries, I was kinda worried what she meant by "uphill."

It's time -- 8th street and I'm off! I have bidden farewell to the surprisingly kind lady and got off the bus. It was awfully quiet and dark; I thought I was at an abandoned village with vintage looking  dollhouses. It was nerve-racking. I could've sworn that I was the only person walking in Hoboken at that hour. My maps was obviously not loading and there was no single human whom I could talk to.

I was praying and walking and praying and walking (you get the drill) until I stumbled upon a dormitory with two guys listening to some loud music. I yelled from the outside and I felt like I scared them (lol). I mean, what would you feel hearing voices from the window at 1:30 in the morning? They replied, "Hello, who's there?" like I'm some kind of a telephone call. But then I replied that I was outside their window and was terribly lost at that moment. They told me that Stevens Institute of Technology was just straight ahead and it was already there after a 2-minute walk!

After a few steps uphill, I felt the breeze from the Hudson river. There was a huge open gate as if it was waiting for my arrival!

I AM HERE. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was facing the golden New York Skyline. T'was truly majestic! I could sit there all night.

Right off the bat, I was about to produce man tears.

TIP: Choose an earlier flight.

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