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3-mile walk in Hoboken

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Hoboken, USA -- This post is dedicated to all the people who told me that it will just be a lovely 15-minute walk from 6th street to Newport city.  There's a special place for you in the fiery dungeons beneath the earth.

It's another day at the ICSB Academy! Except I got a bit of a problem. (again) I don't have the keys. They told me that they left my card key at Westin Hotel in Newport City. "It will be a lovely 15-minute walk downtown'' as I was advised. After my class at the Babbio Center, I went to my dorm to get another layer of clothes and went out. I was walking tirelessly and got to the point wherein I realized that I was moving slowly in the map.

Walking for more than 40 minutes now, I got to the point where I'd slash my money for a cab. I asked a very kind gentleman at the carwash and he said that there's no random cab for hire at the streets. He said I was very far away from Westin Hotel. A walk that would cost me another hour.

Now I don't want to fill this post with rants but it was truly a painful experience.  But along the way, I've seen so much, experienced so much and understood so much. I got to see Carlo's Bakeshop with his famous cakes and goodies! I was overwhelmed by the vintage color combinations in Washington Street at Hoboken, as if it was cleverly orchestrated. It was a beauty by itself! Even the 7-11 looked vintage with its pastel colors and brass lamps. The dentist's clinic looked super fancy schmancy. It was a difficult walk -- but a surprisingly pleasurable walk!

It was almost 2 hours and I've finally arrived at the Westin New Jersey. To make things worse, I forgot my ID. What if they ask me for an identification card? I couldn't possibly go back and try again tomorrow?! But then I realized that my LPU card was at the back of my planner and eventually thanked God a million times.

I got the dorm keys and finally, I could now rest in peace. No wait...now I need to go back. Long story short: Got a 10-dollar cab at the concierge, dropped off at the best pizza place and went back at the dorm with a happy tummy and an immobile pair of legs.

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