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I stand for climate action

6:25:00 PMUnknown

Baku, Azerbaijan -- We kept talking about climate change and the underlying effects to our countries one way or another. We gave statistics and all but what is the perspective of the youth vis-a-vis climate change.

I came from the 7,507 islands, the Philippines. Yes, 7,507 islands prone to destructive natural calamities, typhoons, floods and so on

The thing about Climate change is that it's not about just planting trees, changing weather or should I say as an environmental issue. But more importantly, as an economic issue.

By then, it becomes personal. This is about us now. It's about me being able to eat three times a day. It's about the youth seeing the child of their children living in a healthy and sustainable environment.

The present situation shows that economic growth is powered mainly by fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy pumping out carbon in the air. 

So if we're planning to reduce carbon, then its domino effect. Reducing carbon means reducing industrialization then reducing industrialization means reducing economic growth. 

But that is because we're dependent to fossil fuels to propagate our economic growth. Renewable energy is a great path to take but due to the persistence of cheap non-renewable energy, it's slower than we thought.

Back in the Philippines we normally have a pail at the bathroom and you have to fill it up with water  for the next person. I remember my mom became so angry because I left the pail empty. Confused, I replied "But I did!". I hurriedly went to the bathroom and saw the big crack on the pail. 

"We're investing to something unsustainable that will be wasted anyway." - Mr. Glenn Sartillo

Two recommendations:

MULTIPLY efforts in the field of looking for new ideas, shifting to alternatives such as agriculture or other sectors to increase economic development. 

LISTEN AND COLLABORATE with the young generation constantly developing ideas to save the only world we have.

The issue of climate change is not a breaking news story. It has been going on for years and countless attempts were made in order to increase worldwide awareness and participation to address it. As humanity develops, the causes of climate change escalates and the repercussions on the earth and our way of life intensifies. All the more reason for the need to come up with innovative and multidimensional solutions to cap it. Addressing climate change is one of the most challenging issues of the 21st century.

As a youth there's so much for us to realize; to accomplish.

"I stand for climate action."

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